"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots." - Marcus Garvey

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Back to My Roots Clothing was established in April 2013. Back to my Roots Clothing is designed for men, women and children who desire to embrace their origin, history,and culture through fashion and accessories.  Not everyone feels a connection with their cultural heritage, but many people do. What is it about cultural heritage that draws these people to it? Some may think traditions are archaic and no longer relevant, and that they are unnecessary during these modern times. Perhaps for some, they aren’t; but for others, exploring cultural heritage offers a robust variety of benefits.

Culture can give people a connection to certain social values, beliefs, religions and customs. It allows them to identify with others of similar mindsets and backgrounds. Cultural heritage can provide an automatic sense of unity and belonging within a group and allows us to better understand previous generations and the history of where we come from. Here at Back to My Roots,  we cherish the aspect of culture that inspires: love, unity and community.








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